If our come to Phang-nga, Make sure you take the Island tour, Run by a local person from a muslim fishing village named sayan who has been doing budget tours and providing practical information for over 20 years now.

         Sayan tour is Right next to the bus terminal of phetkasem Rd. in Phang-Nga Town. Sayan brings small groups of travelers on a long-tailed boat for 4 hours day tour of the bay for.

         He goes to Kao Pingkan (James Bond island) and Kao tapu beffre most of the tourists from phuket and krabi arrive he also cruises through shallow.

         And Narrow tidl rivers to some lesser explored cave sayan passes throubh kao tapu and Tham lod caves, which have hollow archways for boats to pass through. During the night season (Nov. through apr.) Sayan runs two tour each day one starts at 08.30 Am. And the second tour starts. At 02.00 Pm.

         Sayan also offers an overnight stay in koh panyee muslim fishign village for on this tour you Get the normal 4